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Live currency rates and GeoIP module bundle for X-Cart

Live currency rates and GeoIP module bundle for X-Cart

The *original* Live Currency and GeoIP mod


Sold for over five years this is a rigorously tested and solid module that will drive sales by offering multiple currency viewing and payment options to your customers.

No more forgetting to update your alternative currency rate. This mod retrieves the latest daily currency exchange rates from the European Central Bank via XML to ensure your rates are always up to date.
It further allows your customers to select which currency to pay for you products when using many of the X-Cart payment processors.

  • Allow customers to choose alternative currency from multiple currencies
  • Option to display the alternative currency as the main currency
  • Currency exchange rates use XML feeds from the European Central Bank and other sources.
  • Optionally add a % markup to all the rates
  • Update rates automatically or *manually.
  • Rate update triggered by first visitor to store after new daily exchanges rates posted (in automatic mode).
  • *Admin view of the exchange rates where you can manually set rates and/or specify the currency symbols/codes.
  • Updates are logged to X-Cart log directory.
  • Choose which currencies are available for the customer to select.
  • HTML clipboard *Optionally apply tax only if selected currency matches store base currency.
  • Optionally allow customer to pay in currency of their choice when using the following payment processors:
    • Bank of Asia
    • BiBiT
    • Cardia Shop
    • Censeo
    • CyberSource
    • DataTrans.Standard
    • DeltaPAY
    • Direct Payment Solution: PX POST
    • EasyPay
    • E-Dinar
    • E-Gold
    • ePDQ
    • EZTP
    • Clear Commerce (PayFuse)
    • GestPay
    • HeidelPay
    • HeidelPay.Cheque
    • HSBC Secure E-Payment Service
    • iDeb
    • InternetSecure
    • Money Bookers
    • MultiPay
    • Ogone
    • Ogone Web
    • PayByCheck.XML
    • PayGate
    • PayNet
    • PayPal
    • PayPal Pro
    • PayZip.Net: Web2Web
    • ProxyPay3
    • Protx VSP Form
    • Protx VSP Direct
    • PaySystems Client
    • RTWare: ADC Direct Response
    • Saferpay
    • Secure-I
    • SECPay
    • Triple Deal
    • Trolley Gateway
    • TrustCommerce
    • TotalTrans
    • Velocity Pay
    • WorldPay
    • YellowPay
    • ZipZap
    • WTSbank
  • Select which currency to use as store's base currency.
  • Optionally use Rubymod's GeoIP mod (included) to automatically set the alternative currency and/or the store language to the customer's country based on their IP address. If GeoIP can not match your customer's IP to a country the default country/language is displayed.
  • Currencies available: Australian dollar, Brazilian Real, Bulgarian lev, Canadian dollar, Chinese yuan renminbi, Croatian kuna, Cyprus pound, Czech koruna, Danish krone, Estonian kroon, Euro, Hong Kong dollar, Hungarian forint, Icelandic krona, Indian rupee, Indonesian rupiah, Japanese yen ,Latvian lats, Lithuanian litas, Malaysian ringgit, Maltese lira, Mexican peso, New Romanian leu, New Turkish lira, New Zealand dollar , Norwegian krone, Philippine peso, Polish zloty, Pound sterling, Russian rouble, Singapore dollar, Slovak koruna, Slovenian tolar , South African rand, South Korean won, Sri Lanka rupee, Swedish krona, Swiss franc, Thai baht, Taiwan new dollar, Venezuelan Bolivar and US dollar.
  • *These features only for x-cart 4.1x and newer.
  • **Note requires that CURL is already installed on your web server**
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