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I'd put out a request to help with some x-cart programming and Adam did that work for me, brilliantly. He was a real trooper and stuck with some tough stuff. He was a pleasure to work with and I'd highly recommend him.
lmartist, San Diego

Thanks for the great and speedy service...I would and will recommend you to anyone !
Michelle, Ontario, Canada

Two thumbs up! Adam from RubyMods is professional and knowledgeable. This company exemplifies what customer service should be like. Your services will help save hours of precious time each day. Thanks so much!
Tom, Colorado, USA

Major 'KUDOS' to rubymods. Fixes things other programmers never did right, very reliable and honest. Knows code better then anyone I have met. We have had a long standing relationship and will continue to work with RubyMods.
Sam Lee

I am blown away with what you have done. Especially compared to other X-Cart sites that I have seen.

Under Adam's watch, our store has gone from around 3,000 orders per year to around 13,000 orders per year. We've gone through 3 major site updates, and 3 or 4 host changes in that period. All though nothing ever happens totally glitch-free, it was comforting knowing he was there and that somebody "had my back" during those stressful times. His skill set not only with x-cart, but also more broadly with PHP/MySQL solutions is excellent. It is a pleasure when we need something tweaked or totally built from scratch as a mod for the store. Rather than hearing about how he's not really up to speed with this or that, or tossing me to a subcontractor, all I get from Adam is "I'll get right on that." It's very refreshing! As an "off-site site guru" to keep everything running, I would highly recommend Adam and RubyMods.
Scott Houston, IN/USA

Rubymods' FedEx label printing mod has helped me to cut my shipping time to about 1/3 what it used to take. That's valuable time I can use to grow my business.
Curtis Durham, Colorado, USA

After 5 years of switching and swapping technical support, web master and web host, I have finally found the right combination in Rubymods. Reliable, efficient, knowledgeable and prompt.
bruce gillette, usa

Just wanted to thank Adam from Rubymods for his great work upgrading our site from 3.4.12 to 4.0.12. He kept the entire 2000+ product structure complete throughout, making it easy for us to complete the upgrade. He endured my endless questions and was always quick to respond, suffered through not having shell access (I don't have it either - our private host won't give it up!) and having to work through our server admin for many things, managed through many delays and problems on our end, and was very helpful and pleasant the entire time. He even used the telephone - gasp!- to actually talk to me about the job! I think he went above and beyond the "call of duty" to get this done for us, and at a reasonable price. Great job, Adam!
firetrader, Michigan, USA

Thank you, RubyMods! I can't say enough about the quick and professional response by RubyMods for my xcart. My requests (for security needs, customizations, add-ons, even installation) were managed for my xcart online store with directness and perfection. I highly recommend RubyMods to anyone needing help with their xcart from installation to customization.
Kathy, Texas, USA

I just wanted to give my kudos & ample thanks to Adam - I highly recommend his services from personal experience! ....... I will most certainly consult with him in the future!
domspe, Sarasota, FL

Adam from Rubymods been very helpful working with us implementing changes and modifications on our web site. I wanted take a quick moment and formally thank you for the wonderful (and quick) support you provide for our company.
George, NV, USA

Adam made a custom mod for us. The Rubymods GeoIP. It looks where the customers comes from and automaticly the preffered language. A really a must have for shops with more than one language. Very fast e-mail replies and knows exactly what you want. Pleasure to do business with. Niki Buitenrust Royal Bhaktapur
Niki Buitenrust, Netherlands

Thanks a lot, this [FedEx] mod has saved me tons of hours in shipping.

The X-cart Live Currency bundle is a fantastic product. The Rubymods team are highly knowledgeable and helpful. Recommended.
Dom Barry, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Adam is one of the most responsive, capable people I've worked with in 15 years of web and advertising work. He always delivers what he promises, and goes the extra mile when a spec changes at the last minute. He's the first person I call when I have a web project. The fact that Adam gets all this done while on the other side of the continent from me is even MORE impressive!
Garth Hansen, San Diego, CA

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